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Band en Batterij Service BV
Zandrug 52
8266 LE Kampen
The Netherlands.
+31 20 222 3319
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Frequently Ask Question

Just sent us your company details, telephone, email, contact information and VAT number by regular email (info ad or through the contact form. We will respond within 24 hours.

This depends on our agreement. Retailers generally have the option to choose for "wire transfer". The payment term is 30 days. 

Please DO NOT SENT RETURNS. Just leave them in your store and we will take them back when we visit you.

The use of the BBS tower is free for our dealers but cannot be bought. Conditions apply to the use. Please contact us so we can discuss the options.

How much does the transport cost?

The transport cost is depending on the weight but never exceeds 5 Euro. For orders above 125 euro, the transport cost is completely free, independent of weight.

How long does delivery take?

In normal situations we ship the same day as you order. Just to make sure we meet your expectations, we guarantee a maximum of 4 days for shipments withing the EU.

How can I set the buckle color?

Our stock has 20/80 gold and steel buckles. Delivery will always be a mix. Assortments of buckles in Gold, steel and Rose gold are available in the web shop.