Why put all product information manually in your system when somebody already has it available for you to use. Maybe you don't store any sales information on straps because "it's not worth the while". BBS solved this issue for you by presenting all product information through your Diamond- R  shop software

Maximum result, minimum effort  

BBS is providing complete product information to Diamond-R shop software. As a licenced user, you are able to import all the straps you have in stock by simply scanning the bar-code. All purchase and sales information is automatically added to your stock, including a product picture. When you sell the strap and scan it, all information will be on your customers receipt.

If you wish, these sold straps, can automatically result in a purchase order that is sent to BBS on an agreed time interval. If you make an agreement with BBS for automatic re-ordering, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL ORDERS.

In this way you will never have peak invoicing, always correct stock, no time-investment, complete sales information and extra profit! 

For users of the JUPA program we offer the e-invoice. It's a similar way of purchase automation that will let you process the complete delivery with just one click. Contact us if you need additional information.