Paypal,  PIN, Bancontact

Partners pay within 30 days with a wire transfer

BBS partners are allowed to pay within 30 days by wire transfer.
If you like to pay online, when you make the order or at 30 days, we have the following options available.

Paypal. Using Paypal is a secure and above all easy way to make your payment. Also, as a receiver, you delivery is ensured. When you sell online, your funds could come in by Paypal and it that case it's extra easy to use these funds, to furfill your payment. However, paypal is not cheap. The cost they charge us with, we forward to you.

PIN / Bancontact A proven and secure payment method, mostly in Belgium and the Netherlands. We use the services of Buckaroo, a Dutch company that is checked by the AFM. The same organisation that is checking all Dutch banks. This payment method is completely free.

Wire transfer For (international) payments by bank you can use our Iban: NL15ABNA0589440578. For the complete company and payment details, please check "bank details" in the photo on the top-side of this page. Since we have IBAN, all European payments are no longer international payments with cost. A payment cost the same as when you wire money to your neighbour.